Got the support email blues? We hear ya.

Why use Snappy

You used to like getting emails from your customers.

No, really. Think back. You did.

Every message was a validation of your product, proof that somebody was using it. And every email was an opportunity, a chance for you to shine, to delight those customers one by one.

Your email inbox was your home, and you loved it there.

But things have changed, haven’t they?

Emails come more often now. You still want to converse with and delight each and every customer. But when you open up that inbox and see the number of unread messages…

Emails come in. You read them, then quickly mark them as “unread” so you don’t forget to deal with them later. (Spoiler alert: this never works for long.)

Later comes, and the same customer emails you again because you never replied.

That email inbox. Your cozy customer support home. You hate it now, don’t you?

It’s ok. You can admit it. This is a safe place.

So you’re avoiding your inbox, you’re IMing your coworkers to see which emails they got, too, and if they’ve responded, and if they’ve solved the problem or passed it on or given up or what.

Even when you think you’ve answered all your support emails, you’re still stressed out. Because you don’t feel confident. How could you, with a system like this?

Delighting your customers should be easy, fun, and profitable.

Do you remember the first time you answered a paying customer’s email, quickly and courteously, with joy and even honor at the opportunity to solve a problem, delivering exactly the solution they needed, right when they needed it?

Do you remember what it is to delight your customers with every point of contact? To close out a support request with a smile and a sense of satisfaction, knowing that you’ve accomplished your goal?

You can have that back.

Start supporting your customers in seconds