All the features you need to start supporting your customers

Streamlined Email Ticketing

Resolve your support tickets more efficiently with our simplified workflow.

Assign staff, categories, priorities, and tags faster than any other helpdesk. Automate repetitive tasks. Find tickets with just one click.

Knowledge Base

Help customers help themselves in your knowledge base. Leverage articles by inserting them directly into tickets or as a link.

Integrate your knowledge base into your website and style it to match. Provide access to your knowledge base from any page on your site with the Snappy Widget.


Provide customers with an elegant support access with seamless integration of our ticket widget into your website.

Canned Responses

Speed up response times by inserting pre-written content into support tickets with a few quick key presses.


Add automation to handle tickets. Set up conditions to assign, tag, prioritize, and even reply instantly when a ticket is received.


Track your team's success and identify ways to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Generate reports to show ticket status, interactions, response time and more.

So many more features...

Unlimited Mailboxes

Forward in your email from all the mailboxes, brands, domains you support

Unique Workflow

Snappy focuses on what's waiting to be responded to so it's always clear what's next.

Your Domain

Your knowledge base can use your own domain/subdomain.

Your Mailboxes

Forward email in from your email server, use your own SMTP server for outbound email.


Create custom views to see only the tickets you're interested in.

Advanced Searching

Easily and quickly find any ticket or contact.


Snappy can call back to your server whenever tickets are created or changed.

Stellar API

An advanced modern API for integrating with anything and everything.


Send a reply a little before you should have? Easily undo the send.


Snappy connects with top apps and even lets you build your own with our open source API.

Email Magic

You can reply to any notification email to respond to customers right from your email client.

Knowledge Base Inserting

Insert the full body of an article or just a link to it into any customer reply.

Private Messages

Collaborate with in-ticket private notes.

Batch Actions

Merge, tag, or reply to multiple tickets at once.


Choose from 18 different languages for your knowledge base and contact form.

3rd Party Integrations

Our ever growing list of integrations allows you to extend Snappy into any of your existing workflows







We love the Snappy features

"Snappy is a really well designed product."
Spicer Matthews
Cloudmanic Labs
"Can't even begin to describe how much of a lifesaver Snappy is - after three years and five different services, finally a great solution!"
Jonathan Head
"Damn I love Snappy. 60 seconds to set up a new mailbox. Everything just works without any complex setup."
Chase Clemons

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