Leave your Concierge calling card on every site you deliver.

Concierge makes it easy for agencies and consultancies to organize ongoing change and support requests across multiple clients.

The free Snappy Concierge plugin (available for WordPress, Craft, and ExpressionEngine) makes it easy to embed the powerful Snappy widget in the CMS for every site you deliver to clients. From there, the client has an always-open doorway to your FAQ and contact form, and you have a streamlined, organized dashboard for incoming requests.

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Consulting has changed

You can no longer just build a site, deliver it, and forget it. Today, many consultancies provide ongoing services for clients. You may offer hosting, monthly updates, or ongoing improvements under a retainer. With Snappy it doesn’t matter what level of support you offer; we’re here to help, with all the features you need and none of the stuff you don’t. And with Concierge, for the first time, we’re here for freelancers, consultants, and agencies who deliver and support CMS based sites for multiple clients.

Deliver more than a CMS

The Snappy Widget is a powerful support portal that you embed directly on a web page (just like this page has! Click here to try it). It gives clients instant access to your contact form and, if you choose, an FAQ page you create.

With Snappy Concierge, you can embed your widget in the admin pages of every website you design and deliver to your clients. It’s a simple, unobtrusive “calling card” that you tuck into your product before you send it out into the world, a message to your clients that you’re here for them, even after they’ve taken over what you built.

Concierge gives your clients peace of mind and allows you to handle incoming requests with all the power and simplicity of Snappy.

When your clients have questions for you, what do they do?

They probably email you, or somebody else on your team. They may have to search for an email address, or guess at who the best person to contact is. Messages can be lost, delayed, or forgotten. You may use “mark as unread” as a tracking system for your crowded inbox; but you know it’s not a system. It’s a temporary fix for a permanent problem. Snappy is the solution.

Snappy Concierge makes it simple for your client

Your clients, whoever they may be, will know exactly how to contact you, without any confusion. They just have to click the always-visible widget from right inside their site’s admin screen, and get instant access to support documentation and a contact form.

Snappy Concierge makes it simple for you

Say goodbye to lost emails, delayed responses, and an inbox full of “unread” messages from clients. Snappy Concierge collects all your messages and support inquiries, from all your delivered sites, and brings them to you in one simple dashboard.

Streamline your support process.

All the benefits of Snappy are at your fingertips, and now you can deliver them seamlessly to your clients using a simple free plugin.

The widget comes with a full suite of reports to show you where people open the widget and what page they were on when they asked for help or requested a change.

Snappy also offers a full suite of App integrations, API’s, and web hooks, so it can be customized as much (or as little) as you like.

Read more about everything Snappy has to offer.

Get started with Concierge today

Concierge opens the power and simplicity of Snappy to a new audience. If you’re a freelancer, a consultant, or an agency, there hasn’t been an effective and direct solution to your ongoing client support needs. Concierge brings Snappy to you, so you can quickly and easily address your clients’ requests.

Quit chasing emails and struggling with communication. Let Snappy do the work and streamline your support process. Now easier than ever, with Snappy Concierge.

If you're not already using Snappy, start your free trial today, then download the plugins below.

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