Case Study of Slideroom

"The streamlined nature of Snappy is its greatest strength. We took on a new team member and Snappy was the part of the job that required almost no explanation or direct training."

We're so happy to be able to grab a few minutes to speak with Grant MacManus, Support Lead & Testing at A great service which lets you collect, evaluate, and store job applications online.

What is Slideroom's mission?

SlideRoom’s mission is to make qualitative assessment easy for anyone looking for the right people, be it university admissions, arts organizations, hiring, grants, wherever an organization is looking to find the right people.

How many users do you have in Snappy? How many tickets are you managing daily?

We currently have 7 users in Snappy, recently that was 8 and soon it will be 10. We manage 40-50 tickets a day in our slower period at present. Due to the cyclical admissions process of academia we get very busy from December through March and will see 100-200 tickets a day at that time, perhaps more this year.

What kind of support are you generally doing in Snappy?

We currently use Snappy for all external communications. We provide direct technical support to our clients, their staff and their applicants (providing applicant support is the vast majority of our tickets). We handle pre-sales, demo coordination, client registration, general inquiries, billing issues, most everything. All of the ways to generate contact with us through our website and from our software is funneled into Snappy. This allows all communication to be transparent within the company and to be monitored or handled by multiple people at once.

What were you using to organize your support before Snappy?

We previously used Zendesk and used two features of their vast software (one of which was forums which we were modifying to be FAQs).

What features of Snappy do you find critical?

The FAQs in Snappy are great and their integration into our ticketing system has become a nice aspect of our help desk. What is essential to us though is the messaging functionality of Snappy. That Snappy allows us to get rid of all of the problems of email while still running on the pervasive nature of email to communicate with the world. We get to have multiple people involved in a conversation and to have the entire company be able to access all communication. We can share an issue with someone without forwarding and creating the breaks that this can cause. Everything is fluid in a way that email never has been but we can still have end points of email that make it work with the general public.

You've done a great job customizing and building out your FAQs. Have you found our FAQ format to be effective at helping your customers?

We do not have analytics on the FAQs but we are regularly hearing from customers that have read the various FAQs and that they found their answers there. The only documentation that we have for our client and applicant software is set up as Snappy FAQs and are linked to throughout our software. We also have an internal FAQ that we use for common questions. The ability to use the articles within our tickets is a great aspect of Snappy that takes the FAQs to another level, especially when training new team members.

Snappy interface is purposefully minimal compared with other enterprise style help desk applications. How do you find working in a more streamlined interface?

The streamlined nature of Snappy is its greatest strength. We took on a new team member and Snappy was the part of the job that required almost no explanation or direct training. The interface makes it intuitive and the simplicity allows you to easily discover everything that is not directly at the surface.

Since adopting Snappy what improvements have you seen in your support and your company as a whole?

Snappy allows us to handle communication the same way that we handle everything else at SlideRoom, as a team. Not only is it simple for someone to easily take on a ticket but it is easy for everyone to see what is going on. Our developers can deal with tickets that get assigned to them but more importantly they can easily troll through issues to see if there is anything that they should be looking in to.

We are now integrated to HipChat and Github to allow for further team based work with the communications that are going on through Snappy. Snappy allows us to work as a team with external communication, and support directly, in the same way that we hash out features and designs around a table and develop with git so that everyone can work on what they need to. We are a flat company where everyone is as involved as they want and need to be in all aspects of the company and Snappy allows that to extend to our clients and their applicants as well.

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