Get lots of support email?

You're not alone! Let Snappy streamline your customer support.

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Email Support

Finally, a better way to manage your customer support emails.

Self Service

Hassle-free self service FAQs your customers can actually use.

Easy Reports

Power to understand and act on your support process and trends.

Support wasn't always this hard?!

Email is enough early on, but over time it breaks down. Do you:

  • Find emails falling through the cracks?
  • Use "Mark as Unread" to manage follow ups?
  • IM coworkers to find out if they're working on a ticket?
  • Email others for help and lose track of their responses?

You've outgrown email clients and need a real solution. Support can be easier, fun, and profitable again!

"The basic premise of Snappy is just so simple yet well delivered. Take a chaotic mailbox and turn it into a simple support desk environment." — Read the case study
— Rachel Andrew, Founder

Flying blind through your day stinks.

Do you know:

  • How much support email you received yesterday?
  • Which days and times are your busiest?
  • What types of issues are trending?
  • Which staff are free and who is overwhelmed?

Email clients aren't built to answer these questions; Snappy is!

"Snappy allows us to handle communication the same way that we handle everything else at SlideRoom, as a team." — Read the case study
— Grant MacManus, Support Lead at SlideRoom

Answered the password reset question 12

The solution isn't a complex knowledge base or wiki. You need a hassle-free FAQ anyone on the team can contribute to and maintain.

Snappy makes it easy to build and organize FAQs into a searchable self-service help center. Now customers can answer their own questions. Instant gratification!

"Snappy’s FAQs allowed us to easily build a knowledge-base for our users. With a few lines of CSS we were able to customise it to match our site."
— Stephen Radford, Founder FTPloy

Just per user per month
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Just per user per month